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C7 Hawkeye Quick Release Single Point Bungee Sling + Attachment Bundle

All Attachments & Hardware offered above are shown in description
The Hawkeye comes stock with the HK Clip Attachment

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This is one of the best left/right handed deluxe tactical single point sling for the money on the market featuring three quick connect buckles and steel spring clip.

  • Can easily attach to any gun with standard sling swivel or sling end plate with default HK Clip that comes with the sling.
  • For AR-15/M16 you can use our QD End Plate With Push Button Swivel or our QD Attachment built for the Hawkeye Single Point Sling
  • For Shotgun setup, most use our 1" Nylon Strap Attachment with the Hawkeye Single Point Sling
  • Perfect for left or right hand shooters
  • Fully adjustable to wear how you like
  • Can be setup for Double Shoulder Single Point shown below
  • Highly durable and versatile tactical operator duty sling
  • Durable metal buckle.
  • Does not restrict your movement with your rifle.
  • Keeps your firearm directly in front of you or at your side
  • Allows you to shoot from either shoulder without having to adjust the Sling.
  • Adjustable length from 25" to 37"

The sling has a heavy duty bungee shock cord inside the web tubing will absorb the shock of firearm bouncing when not shouldered. A Metal spring loaded clip to quickly attach and detach to a sling loop on a firearm. A Shooter can quickly detach the sling from the firearm via any of the three quick connect buckles and to quickly re-attach the sling back onto the firearm.

Mounting Your Single Point Sling

A single point is typically mounted to the top rail or buffer tube of your AR15/M16, just behind and/or above the pistol grip. This positioning is important because the weight distribution of the rifle must be considered if you want it to function properly – mounting it too far forward will cause the rifle to hang unevenly, and too far rearward can cause the barrel to hit the ground when you walk.

It is recommended that you use a buffer tube sling mount like the one below with a single-point sling because it will keep the sling out of your way and allow the weapon to hang evenly.

Don't Have Buffer Tube Mounting Options...Do This

If you don’t want to use a buffer tube mount, the rail mount is your next best option. It’s easily installed, and just as easily removed or relocated if needed, but remember that it must be mounted as far back on the top rail as possible. Below are rail mounting options you can use that we have. If you want to attach the sling to a shotgun you can use the 1" nylon strap below we have.

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